Our first business partner for our mission!

Central Texas Gun WorksIn my earlier Scaling Our Mission blog post I talked about how businesses can get help our mission - in fact I think this is key to our long-term success. 

Well, I'm excited and proud to announce that Michael Cargill of Central Texas Gun Works has signed up and is fully on board! This is a very big deal to us, and I am very grateful to Mike for his support. 

We have delivered our first big box of free pepper sprays to Mike so expect that his giveaways start soon! His plan is to give pepper spray away to women who take some of his concealed handgun license courses. 

Mike is very highly thought of in the Austin CHL training business; it was easy for me to find some glowing testimonials online:

 We hosted a CHL class on campus last semester and had 60 students and faculty members take the class. .. If anyone has taken a class with a CHL Instructor named Michael Cargill, please thank him for all the support he's given us. 


 A+ Class. I highly recommend it to anyone in the Austin, Texas area. It was a blast! 

Please help me thank Mike for his support - if you need a CHL, give him a call on 512-731-3585, and get your free pepper spray!

Connect with them on Facebook too, at www.facebook.com/centraltexasgunworks

Are you a business that wants to get involved?

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