"For Esme, With Love" benefit

On Friday night I went to The Annex at 1808 on E 12th street for the "For Esme, With Love" benefit. It was a great event; many bands, silent auction, sun dragon martial arts demonstration - and everyone was donating their time and products. I have no idea how much was raised yet, but there was a good turnout with a few hundred there by 10pm. 

I gave away about 100 pepper sprays and grabbed photos of most people that I saw. I tried a new thing for the first time; a donation jar for those who wanted to put a few bucks towards more pepper sprays.. it worked great! I was of course a little reticent to try this (our intent is to give away pepper spray, not sell it) but I was persuaded to try it by someone I had met at a previous giveaway.

$80 was donated - about half the cost of the pepper sprays we gave away. That's quite an amazing result I think - it pays for another 30 sprays that we'd normally have paid for ourselves! It will certainly be on display at every event from now on - but hopefully people won't feel pressure to "pay". I'd love to know your opinion in the comment section below..

Thanks again to all who organized the event. I met a lot of facebook friends, some of which you can see above. Please tag yourself on FB!

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