Ultrasonic Dog Repellents Explained

If you are looking for a way to stop dog attacks, you may have heard about ultrasonic dog repelling devices. These small devices look just like a garage door opener, and in fact work in much the same way. When you press the button, a high-frequency sound is emitted. This sound is outside the audible range for most humans, but it is quite irritating for dogs and similar animals.

The frequency emitted by ultrasonic dog repelling devices is carefully calibrated to be uncomfortable for the dog, making them run away from you. However, it is not harmful, and will not damage their hearing or produce any other consequences. For the humans around, this device is perfectly safe and will most likely not even be heard at all. The frequency produced is usually between 20,000 Hz and 25,000 Hz, well beyond the audible range for most humans. It can be heard by both dogs and cats, stopping any attacks by domesticated animals and even some small wild animals. Although it could be uncomfortable, and the animal may whimper when backing away, scientific tests have shown that this noise is not very painful and will not cause more than momentary discomfort when the button is pressed.

The sound is not only high-frequency but also loud, so that it can be heard by dogs for quite some distance. Most ultrasonic dog repelling devices will list the effective range. Often, this is around 15 feet, meaning that the dog will hear, and be annoyed by, the sound as soon as they get within 15 feet of the device. Dog repellers are recommended as animal attack deterrents because they allow you to maintain a safe distance between yourself and an unfriendly or attacking dog. You don’t have to get close enough to a dog that you place yourself in danger.

To use the dog repeller, simply point the device towards the dog in question, and press the button. This foolproof method is great for carrying in your purse or pocket, especially if you go jogging or walking anywhere where a stray dog may come after you, or if your job routinely takes you near unfamiliar animals.

Some ultrasonic dog devices also contain LED lights. Besides being useful in a non-dog related emergency, these LED lights can also help to scare off a dog. A flashing LED light can temporarily confuse a dog, stopping them from advancing towards you.

Ultrasonic dog repellants are designed to stop attacking dogs, such as those you might find in your neighborhood or when out jogging. However, they are also useful tools for training dogs; they will stop the behavior immediately when they hear the high-pitched alarm you can set off using this device. If your dog keeps jumping on your furniture or otherwise going where he’s not supposed to go, a quick press of the button on the dog repeller can train him not to repeat that action. If you have a problem with dogs digging through your garden or trash, try standing on your doorstep and pressing the button, causing them to run away from your yard.

By James Shaw
Casis Village Elementary
Casis Village Elementary

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