Animal Attack Defense

If you enjoy jogging, hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities, you may occasionally be confronted by pet dogs or even wild animals. If you are afraid of such attacks in the wilderness, or even on jogging trails or other suburban areas, consider the following ways to defend yourself against such attacks.

First, do not do anything to attract such animals. Don’t carry food with you; if you are camping, keep it in closed containers that cannot be broken into by animals such as bears. Still, there are stories in the news nearly every week about people or pets being attacked by pet dogs; the point is, you never know what could happen, even if you’re just going on a walk around the block with your dog on a leash.

In all cases of animal attacks, your best course of action is to avoid confrontation altogether. Try not to be alone in the wilderness, especially at night. If you do see an animal, stay away. Do not approach it for any reason, including trying to take pictures or scaring it away from your belongings. Instead, turn and go the other way. If you see a dog while jogging or taking yours for a walk, never pet it or talk to it. Any wildlife you see should be left undisturbed.

If you come near larger wild animals such as bears, be careful if trying to use regular pepper spray against them. You need to be using specially formulated (and large canisters of) bear attack deterrent spray. Similarly, Stun guns, TASER® devices and similar methods will have a completely unpredictable effect on wild animals. Even if you are carrying a gun with you, do not try to shoot at the animal. These methods will likely be ineffective, but may irritate the animal and make them even more aggressive. Though some hunters have used pepper spray to stop an attacking bear, this is not a reliable method. Your best course of action is to avoid contact with a bear in the first place, and leave the area if you do spot a bear.

Pepper spray is often a reliable means of self-defense against dogs and other relatively small animals, such as wolves or coyotes. Though there are some spray types made specifically for animals, regular pepper spray is non-lethal, even against small animals, unlike other weapons like stun guns or firearms. Plus, you do not need to be very close to the animal in order for it to work, which is definitely a benefit when dealing with wild animals, especially those that could be carrying rabies or other diseases. Pepper spray can be an effective defense against aggressive dogs. If an animal is trying to attract you, one quick spray from the pepper spray canister will be enough to deter him.

Pepper spray can easily be carried with you, even if you are jogging or camping. Small canisters can be found in nearly any form, including types on keychains or other devices. These devices make a sensible investment for hunters, campers, hikers, joggers, or anyone else who finds themselves outdoors frequently. These simple products are well worth carrying with you to ensure your safety.

By James Shaw
Texas Wrangler Darlins
Texas Wrangler Darlins

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