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James Shaw's book "Beating Violence" was initially based on articles here, but have been expanded in the book.

“A third of all women will fall victim to sexual assault during their lifetime”“Every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted” Walk Safely Try to stay in a group. Some campuses offer free shuttle or escort that you can call. Use them. Walk quickly from point A to point B and stay in well-lit areas. Don’t take shortcut paths that may not be well-lit. Walk confidently, directly, at a steady pace. Rapists look for vulnerabilit..
Jogging is a healthy habit, but it does come with a few specific risks that you must be aware of. If you enjoy running, walking, or exercising outdoors, your safety must be one of your top concerns. You spend a lot of time out of the earshot and eyesight of anyone else, making you particularly vulnerable. In addition to potential attackers, joggers may also be confronted by dogs or even wild animals. Another threat to your safety comes in the form of being injured while..
Following the tragic events in Newtown recently we wanted to share information about the correct way to deal with an armed gunman entering your workplace. The chances are still very very low that this will happen to you, but you need to be prepared in case the worst happens. RUN. HIDE. FIGHT In most cases there is no pattern to the selection of their victims Every office should create an emergency action plan Develop a system of informing everyone in the office when..
A friend of mine posted this story on Facebook recently. The initial story was worrying enough, but one comment in particular was quite chilling..  We had some guys show up one night ... who were "looking for someone". I refused to open the door and they eventually left. Next day, found an orange spray-painted rock (about the diameter of a quarter) on top of my fence. My house was marked to "hit" for invasion according to the cops. Thank goodness we had a 125lb boxer..
It's time to face the facts. Children today live in a world that we never could have imagined when we were young. They are just as much at risk of violent or traumatic events as adults are. As a parent, it can be difficult to accept that you cannot always protect your children from such dangers. However, it is absolutely critical to open your eyes to the modern world your children face and prepare them to thrive. Here are six safety facts that every child should..
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