Free Pepper Spray

Our mission at The Resist Attack Foundation is to give a free pepper spray to every woman in America. We've given away over 9,100 so far, as our way of helping women protect themselves from violence.

As we discuss in more detail in "Why Pepper Spray?" it's not just an effective self-defense tool; carrying it on your keyring will heighten your awareness and make you less likely to be attacked. 

As a non-profit organization, we can only do this with your continued support. Please consider a donation or fundraising activity, and help us save lives.

Receive Free Pepper Spray

We'd love to meet with you, your friends, family, colleagues or ladies group - just to say "Hi", introduce ourselves and give you all free pepper sprays.

Give Away Free Pepper Sprays

We will sell you, your group or your business pepper sprays at our wholesale cost so you can give them away free to your friends, family, colleagues or customers.

Ways To Donate

Teaching women about situational awareness; self-defense classes; publishing e-books and making them freely available - just some of the ways we can use your kind gift.

Ways To Fundraise

We make fundraising easy! Selling self-defense products is one way - but you can even donate directly from Ebay when you sell your old household items!